Why I love the Royal Wedding

Normally, I’m as cynical as they come but for some reason I find myself warming to the occasion of the Royal Danish Wedding.

Part of this is the fact that I just got married myself so there is a large residual warm & fuzzy factor there.

But I think I like it because there’s nothing really to be cynical about. While being in a British colony there has been a lot of cynicism towards the British Monarchy with the whole Charles & Di thing but they obviously have the British press to deal with, which can’t be fun. This is a contrast, at least for us in Australia, with the Danish Royal Family, whom we may have known existed but about whom we have really heard about… um, nothing, ever. So they come to us with a relatively untainted reputation.

Also, Fred & Mary look like they’re in love. And I never want to be cynical where real love is involved.

The real reason I love it though, is that it hasn’t been brought to us by some big conglomerate of corporations. It’s an event occuring on the world stage that isn’t taking place for the sole purpose of marketing dodgy shoes/hamburgers/software. Neither I, nor millions of Danes will have to be insulted by advertising hoardings offering us the chance to “try the official chocolate bar of the Royal Wedding” (They, of course won’t be offered it in Danish too). It’s great to see that thousands of people have lined the streets and there must be a world TV audience of millions, and the only branding you can see are the Royal coat of arms and the national flag. I can watch this just for the thrill of watching it, without there being an ulterior motive of being sold something. (Sure, there’s a big statue of Jesus in the church but don’t get me started on corporate religion.) There’s not even any commercials.

Monarchies may seem to be a tad anachronistic I know, but I like that they still exist because of the tradition and history they represent. They are important members of state yet they are apolitical. They exist at a level of culture and tradition that hasn’t been co-opted by corporate forces and turned into a money-making operation.

Shit! I just saw some kid in the crowd waving a McDona1ds flag… maybe they’re not really in love after all.

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