Dear Google people

A funny thing just happened to me. This should explain it:

Dear Google

I am a member of Blogger (obviously… it’s how I got this Gmail account). My blog, “I drew this” is at .

Last time I logged in, I checked that box that said “remember me”.

Today, I clicked my Blogger bookmark and I was logged straight into Blogger.

The only problem was, I was not logged in as [my name here], but as J*** S******, who is, I should point out, not me.

Does this constitute a major security breach?

Because I’m generally an honest sort of chap, I didn’t go beyond J***’s dashboard page but should I be worried that some other person is not currently logged into my blogger dashboard, who is perhaps not as honest? I don’t need to tell you how malicious some people can be, especially where the internet and the veil of anonymity is concerned (especially if you’re not even anonymous but “someone else”).

Why has this happened?

What are you doing about it?

I’m using Firefox 0.8


I’ll keep you posted

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