My evil twin

It appears I have a namesake. This is no surprise really. I’m sure there are many people throughout the world who share the same first name/surname combination that I do. In fact, a quick autogoogle suggests that there is a me who has an insurance company, a me who has run a porcelain business for more than 20 years, and a me who is a podiatrist in Sydney. There’s even a me on IMDB who has appeared in an episode of Mythbusters.

I get around!

There is a me, though, who lives in England. In the W2 district of London to be more precise. I could even give you his precise address, or post a photo of him. How? Because I know all this about him.

See, I have a gmail address, along the lines of myfirstname.mylastname at This guy obviously signed up for a gmail address also but couldn’t get the firstname.lastname handle because I’d already taken it.

But I think he thinks he did get it because I keep getting emails addressed to him. Well, addressed to me but clearly trying to communicate with him.
I’ve had emails from his land agent, apologising to me for sending me a rent bill of 5000 squids and assuring me I don’t have to pay any extra. I get regular emails from the London 2012 Olympic Planning Committee because apparently I signed up to receive updates from them.

Funny thing is though, that a few days ago, I (and I mean me) finally got around to working out how to send MMS and email messages from my mobile phone. Someone had sent me one but I couldn’t download it so I had to get on the website and have them send all the right settings to my phone. Cool. It turns out I can send an MMS by email, so I trialled doing it to my gmail account and it worked well.

But the next day… Who do you think has also just figured out how to send pictures from his phone to my gmail account? That’s right, Mr W2Drew himself. He sent me 3 pictures of himself staring vacantly into the lens of his 1.2mp Motorola phone cam with the blue glow of his expectant computer monitor in the background.

He’s younger than me, number 2 haircut, total chav (all in white, no less) and I take no small amount of pleasure in saying that I’m much better looking than he is. Even if my tracksuit isn’t as well pressed.


  1. Stephen says:

    We really should discipline ourselves to not search Google for our names don’t you think.
    Though apparently I am a serious academic at Oxford, and a Professor of Linguistics in Liverpool. I have written several books, and I am also a major photographer in NY.
    The other day in a hotel in Victor when I was having lunch with my aged aunt the wiater said “You look like a movie star”…I jokingly said “Yes, it’s Brad Pitt!”
    He just said “No!” but we all killed ourselves laughing.
    (Angelina and the kids are doing just fine!)

  2. Bruce says:

    There is an award winning Real Estate Agent in Washington State USA who is an expat Aussie.
    Another Professor at the London School of Business – some sort of marketing guru.

    And then there is me.

  3. honeysmack says:

    oh er.. thats a bit exciting!

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