And hey, hey, hey… there goes Richard

So the miners have been rescued, which is lovely for them. Most networks ran long with this story last night because it was payoff time. This was a network’s wet dream. It had all the elements of drama, suspense, touches of humour and poignant sadness. No wonder every on-air personality was there covering it. Now they’re out, It’ll be interesting to see how much they milk it from here. Look out for the 30-min current affairs special, recapping the whole drama from start to finish.

Look out also for the montage at the end of the news, with slo-mo replay of the families first finding out they were alive, then the anguish of the seemingly endless delays, and finally footage of them coming out of the mine lift and shaking their fists in the air, victorious. I’m thinking Wind Beneath my Wings (the crappy Bette Middler version, not the less crappy, orginal, Australian, Colleen Hewitt version).

Look out also for the tribute montage at the end of this week’s 60 Minutes, with slo-mo replays of Richard Carleton being rude to Bob Hawke, Richard fawning over Imelda’s shoe collection, Richard flirting with the Spice Girls, Richard enjoying his picnic basket and a nice red, and drawing much unwanted attention to some East Timorese independence voters, Richard brooding with a scornful, contemptuous look on his face during John Doyle’s Andrew Olle Lecture last year. I’m thinking that song that goes ‘and then a hero comes along…’

Lastly, not that I want to admit I was anywhere near a TV last night during Dancing with People You’ve Heard Of, did Daryl really commit an incredibly heinous faux pas? I’m sure one of the dancers had a ‘Get Well Sophie’ sign on his back, for that little girl who was run over by a car for the second time. I swear I heard Daryl say “Maybe she’s watching…”

Sure Daryl, maybe, she could possibly have come out of her coma just to watch your ridiculous show. For the record, I was only watching it because C was watching it and I was waiting for another batch of shortbread to bake.

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