Bonhoeffer's collected works

I was subtly reminded in an email today that it had been nearly two weeks since I bothered to entertain my legion of readers.

My apologies to both of you.

So here’s a few observations of the week gone by.

Tuesday’s commute down Unley Rd into the city gave C & I a bit of a snigger. I don’t like to laugh at other people for their eccentricities but I think eccentric is an apt description of what we saw. We noticed an old Falcon a few cars up from us that had a message scribbled in black Artline 100 in the back windscreen. We were a bit too far away to read it, so after a few strategic accelerations and lane-changes (trying not to cause too much road rage among my fellow drivers), we got close enough to make out what it said. It read “Honk if you have read the collected works of Bonhoeffer and enjoyed it”. I thought it interesting that the writer would include that rider. It would be rare enough to find someone that’s read the whole lot, but he didn’t want to hear from anyone that’s merely read it; no, you must have enjoyed it also, otherwise talk to the hand (or eat my dust, or whatever dismissal is appropriate for such a non-verbal, intra-vehicular exchange). He could have gone one step further and tacked ‘in the original German’ on the end but that would sound just too pretentious.

C & I wondered to ourselves what kind of person would go to the trouble of displaying such poor penmanship on a sheet of A3 in their rear window. We pulled up alongside the car and our question was answered.

What kind of guy? The same kind of guy that wears a Bill Cosby sweater as he eats porridge straight from the saucepan as he drives into the city of a Tuesday.

Actually, yes. That’s only one observation. Well spotted.

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