Three of what you don’t need

I’d like the ACCC to look into the Dick Smith, Tandy duopoly of retail electronics. I wanted to buy a T6 torx screwdriver today (after waking up and thinking ‘Gee, this is the perfect day to buy a T6 torx screwdriver!’) so hit the CBD at lunchtime. First stop was DSE, downstairs in the Myer Centre and saw many overpriced versions of the same thing. The best I could do was to buy a T6, T8 and T10 for $10. I figure someone should sell them individually for $3.33 each (though the smaller one should cost less, as it is made of less metal… say $3.12 or thereabouts).

Now, I know DSE and Tandy are owned by Woolworths. But I can’t see any reason for them not phasing out one of the chains. All the Tandies should be rebranded as DSEs so stupid people like me don’t go to one, then think they might be able to get the same thing at a better price at the DJs shopping centre down the road.

But they don’t. And when you go into a Tandy, it’s exactly the same as a DSE store, right down to the way the pricing labels are printed. They even have DSE catalogues lying around the place and they sell DSE branded goods! I walked into Tandy today, eyes to the ground, paying no attention to the front of the store. Then as I was looking around, noticing all the same stuff I’d seen not ten minutes earlier, I thought ‘Oh, they’ve obviously rebranded,’ but on leaving the store noticed they hadn’t.

And I always walk out of both stores, never buying anything, because I always think ‘I only need one and I can get it cheaper somewhere else’. I just refuse to be a part of their pathetic push to sell unwanted items as a way to boost profits. If they’d just give people what they want, and not one of what they want and three of what they don’t, they might just attract one or two customers.


  1. Confused says:

    Seriously, you would be on of the only people on the planet after just ONE screwdriver and one of the people who would take time out to have a whinge. You went to Tandy anyway knowing full well it was going to be the same so don’t you look like a ‘tool’?. You are the customers retailers hate with a passion, and then when you get shit service because we dont want to help you with your pathetic screwdriver, you wonder why.

    Build a bridge and buy your shit elsewhere.

  2. drew says:

    Don’t you love it when some 19-year-old, acne-faced store assistant with their insular, persecuted-employee, me, me, me view of customer service feels the need to comment on a two-year-old blog post about someone who just wanted to buy one screwdriver.

    Here’s a choice you can make. You can turn your back, deliberately give shit service to those picky, pesky customers and hope they’ll go away. And they probably will. Or… you can actually go out of your way to be welcoming, helpful, courteous, polite and just really really friendly. And then, maybe, even if you don’t manage to sell the damn screwdrivers, the customer might just come back at Christmas to your exact store to buy his mum one of those wind-up radios because he had a good experience.

    And that’s what must be so frustrating for store and business owners everywhere: that no matter how much effort and money is put into advertising, into branding, into fitting out the stores to make them look sleek and modern, into staff training, into uniforms, signage, those lovely glass counters and your $3.50 name badge, all put in place to get customers into the store, it only takes some needle-headed twat with delusions of grandeur to ruin the whole proposition.

    You’re the weakest link in the chain. Customers matter more than you do.

    And a week later, I bought the fucking three-pack, two of which I have never used.

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