Falling over

As part of a big cleanup at home, I’m going through my old video cassettes and transferring anything I want to keep to DVD. It’s time consuming and therefore pretty slow going but it’s not entirely unpleasurable, as it means I get to watch a lot of stuff I obviously taped in the first place on account of it’s funtowatchness.

Shaun Micallef is probably the only TV comedian who has ever had me writhing on the floor in uncontrollable fits of laughter… repeatedly, I might add.

I copied this sketch to my PC the other night and I laughed so much my head, eyes and stomach were in pain. Someone has already gone to the trouble of putting it on youtube.


  1. ***C says:

    Oh my gosh – I love Shaun!!!
    Although noone else here in the office seems to love my loud guffaws when I watch him on UTube…

  2. Stephen says:

    It’s pretty clever in concept, and consistently executed.
    I can only take so much of him, as I get older I just find such unremitting cynicism is tedious.

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