I was at the local brickbuster last weekend looking for something for the kids to watch. I had Little Miss L with me, who was turning her nose up at pretty much everything they had there as they were either old rubbish, good stuff that she’s seen before, or new rubbish, including the Bratz movies (though I was turning my nose up at those. Slutz, I call them. And yeah, it’s amazing how suddenly conservative you get when there’s a five-year-old girl involved).

The one thing we did seem to settle on was Herbie Goes Bananas. Strange choice for a 5yo girl, I thought but I was a bit of a Herbie fan when I was around 10, so I thought if nothing else, I might get a giggle out of it.

Anyway, it was a hit. They both loved it and have watched it again every day this last week (it’s due back today). There’s a good bit of info floating around on it but the standouts are that they used 26 prop Herbies in the making of it, and there’s one scene where a prop Herbie is thrown overboard from a ship. And word has it, is still there. The IMDB says that the prop Herbies were auctioned off after filming for as little as US$25 but in the film a couple of them get beaten up pretty badly (that bullfight was savage) so they were probably lucky to get that much.

So yesterday, C went to Brickbuster again with Little Miss L and came back with not only The Love Bug but also Herbie Fully Loaded, so Herbieville here at the mo.

Little Miss M is in her second viewing of HFL right now. The good parts are the original Love Bug soundtrack and Lindsay Lohan’s winning smile. The not so good is the stupid eyelids they put on the VW and the electric, sparky fx. Still, they probably had to do something with all those CG artists employed by the studio.

The highlight of HFL though, is when Matt Dillon looks under the hood (or the boot, in this case) to have a go at sabotaging the engine, and you know that cute little bug is gonna squirt oil in his face, it’s just a matter of when, and then maybe you think he might not do it because it’s an old gag and this is a new movie, the dramatic irony is intense, but then HE DOES IT!!

Comedy gold.

And in yesterday’s paper I was checking out the prices of old veedubs.

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