People see what they want to see

Just remembered I wrote this coming back from Melbourne last month

At checkin, the lady asked me if I’d be willing to sit in an Emergency Exit seat. If the plane crashes they need someone who can open the door and heave it out of the aircraft. They’re looking for people who are a fit, unencumbered and maybe a bit responsible.

I said fine.

Then, after going through the x-ray, being male, alone, slightly unshaven and carrying a backpack, the security guard picked me for a random explosives check.


  1. cellobella says:

    LOL flying tomorrow and will think of this post as I go through security.
    Passing thru Adelaide airport so you never know your luck.

  2. Drew says:

    Yeh, I know…

    This was at Avalon.

    Just remember to shave and you’ll be fine

  3. Bruce says:

    He was probably thanking his lucky stars that someone came through that sorta matched a profile came through so he could get through his quota.

    I ask for the exit row now. I make the offer right up front.

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