So, you think?

First there was the Australian version of the American version of Idol. Then we had Ice Skating with People Who Have Been On TV, which nobody watched because we don’t really ice skate much in this harsh, hot land of ours. This was followed by Dancing with People You’ve Heard Of and So You Think You Can Dance Even Though You’re Not Famous, the rules of which were slightly broken by Rhys “Elf” Bobridge, who was already a professional performer, having appeared in a TV series and in sellout live shows all around the country. He got away with it though by being famous only to girls under the age of eight.

But I digress. TV networks are scraping the barrel of the performance/knockout genre, with Seven recently subjecting us to Battle of the Groups of Bad Singers (I mean if I wanted to see amateurs who can barely sing, doing bad numbers that were neither written nor arranged for ensemble performance, I’d go to an eisteddfod).

So, in an effort to play my part for the discerning viewer, I’d like to pitch some suggestions to TV execs. We can discuss terms later.

  • So You Think You Can Write A Novel, in which contestants must write a new chapter every week, to be read out in front of a screaming crowd and panel of judges. Of course, each chapter must be edited to fit into the 90 seconds of performance time given to each contenstant.
  • Gardening With The Stars: a bit like the celebrity segment of Burke’s Backyard, only competitive, with contestants having to produce a crop of veges, plant a native garden, and strike a fruit tree from a cutting
  • Australian Flirt in which the judges and presenters are probably more likely to win
  • Battle of the Abstract Impressionists. A group of painters must produce a work based on a subject of the judges’ choosing each week. Bonus, adults-only episode screens after 9.30 pm in week six. Yes, life drawing
  • Train Surfing with the Stars. I’m really excited about this one. Given the risky nature of the activity can I suggest we get Daryl Somers, Sam Newman, Will Anderson, the Australia-wide presenters of ACA and TT. Oh, and the cast of Home and Away
  • So You Think You Can Sleep. Surely it would be better than those late-night infomercials. Who wouldn’t want to see the semi-final, in which a travel agent from Queensland loses out to production assistant from Tassie after a Horlicks-related lactose-intolerance-causes-late-night-farting-and-insomnia incident
  • Chess with the Stars. Riveting viewing, this one. They’d have those special clocks. Sandra Sully would be an early casualty, finding it mentally taxing having to think more than one move ahead
  • So You Think You Can Whittle: these twelve rocking chairs on this porch… will eventually become one
  • Self-immolation With The Stars. There’s just not enough kerosene really, is there.

What have you got, people?


  1. Cellobella says:

    Astronomy with the stars…
    Be the first to pick out Orion’s belt…

  2. Vincent Middle says:

    How about these:

    Australian Bone Idle
    My Restautant Sucks
    Are You Smarter than a Cabbage
    Ready, Steady, Shit.

  3. inthegardenwithpetey says:

    Any game that finishes with Derryn Hinch being lashed to a pork-chop covered boulder and lowered into a pit of crocodiles…that would get *my* vote.

  4. drew says:

    Him and Kyle…

  5. Kath Lockett says:

    Oh you need to team up with Vincent Middle – you’d be bound to end up with a production company to rival Roving enterprises?

    How about:
    Who farted in the lift?
    Guess My Disease
    The Mole (set in 1980s country high school)
    So You Think You Can Dance Not Wearing Pants
    Let’s discuss stock cubes
    Iron Plumber – where the pipes are blocked and not with exciting ingredients

    I’d better go and do the parenty thing at my daughter’s school now….

  6. drew says:

    I like the sound of ‘Guess My Disease’: sort of like a quiz show version of House. Wonder if we could get that Australian guy back to host it. And then there’s the obvious Ben-Lee-inspired theme tune.

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