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Okay, so the battery on my 3210 is giving up the ghost, so the lads down at Optus have a sample of new phones that I may like to buy, by signing up for a new contract. I can see the sense in doing this because when I originally signed up, my monthly plan was [...]

Depressing thought

After recently speaking to a musician friend about his depression, I got thinking again about the whole mental stability/art paradigm. I’ve often pondered why the most mentally unstable (no derogatory connotations intended) people are often responsible for some of the world’s greatest art. From the ear-chopping Van Gogh to the recently departed Elliot Smith (a [...]

Edit your blog: digital toast

Edit your blog: digital toast This is either a clever, post-modern, self-referential gag on the nature of blogging …or it’s just me arseing around with only 5 minutes to go till home time.

You are not alone

Just googled digital toast and found two other sites using it as a name. There’s a guy in the UK who has posted some of his travel photos and another guy who has some kind of comic going on, with some bad photoshop graphics and Comic sans as his font (which is just not on). [...]


Just spent half an hour doing a post about all the clich├ęs we’re about to hear regarding the capture of Saddam Hussein and lost it all. Bollocks, I say. And again I say Bollocks!

Location, location

All my regular readers will know that I live in the Adelaide suburb of Norwood. I’ve lived here for about three years now. I’ve been in Adelaide for about six years, so I guess Norwood is about as close to the idea of ‘home’ as I’ve felt since I moved to Adelaide. Now, as Norwoods [...]

Second lame post

So that was my first post. It was rather lame. It had this jolly ‘hey, I’m writing a blog’ tone about it, which I think I loathe. Here, I’m doing it again, with the whole ‘geez, that annoys me’ kind of rhetoric which so much of blogdom is based on. Man, this sucks. I’m off [...]

What was I thinking?

What was I thinking? I just started a blog. Now this means I’m going to have to… y’know, post stuff on it, and stuff. Like I don’t have enough on my hands. Ay, I have enough on my hands. Not enough on my mind. I’m just trying to train myself to think about things more [...]