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I stopped buying REM albums after the one that came after Green. It so didn’t impress me and I felt that they’d gone so, I don’t know, mainstream that I just sort of lost interest. However, I’m sitting at my boss’s desk because it’s his day off and because my desk is being taken away [...]

As good as a holiday

The good thing about dealing with a number of suppliers (printers, photographers, etc) is that occasionally they do something nice for you, like give you a small gift, or a Xmas pudding, or take you out for lunch. Which is exactly where I’ve just been. A photographer who does most of our portrait photography took [...]

An innings

Now, I have nothing against David Hookes and I think it abhorrent that he died the way he did. However, the media circus that has surrounded not his death, but his post-death period, has been nothing short of cringeworthy. Yesterday was his funeral, and while I respect that he was a good cricketer and deserved [...]

Bad French

Now for some esoteric humour that nobody will get (and if you do, you probably won’t find particularly funny). Catholic French teacher: How dare you say that about the pope! Student: Sorry, I meant to say ‘He’s Polish’ It’s been a long week.

A quick bite

I was just down at the printers for a press check and it went pretty quickly so at 11.20 I was back at the front of the building, ten minutes before my car was due to pick me up. And I was a bit peckish, so I scanned the area and saw a milk bar [...]

Drug of choice

I only read the first par but found this peculiar. It states The British Medical Association (BMA) has attacked the government’s decision to downgrade the legal status of cannabis, saying that regular use of the drug can kill. [emphasis mine] This is different from alcohol… how? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not condoning the regular [...]


This is kind of cute, and a link to it will no doubt be appearing in your inbox very soon. They go a bit spak if you hang round in the corner though. I can’t believe I just described economists as ‘cute’. (Not sure I’m quite over that bug I had the other day)

You looked so pretty

A funny thing happens in Adelaide this time every year when the Jacobs Creek Tour Down Under comes to town. The first funny thing is that every second person who owns a bike starts prancing round in their advertising-adorned leotards; riding to work, riding around town, having coffee at the east end caf├ęs. The other [...]


Some pics from the wedding at Grange Jetty we went to on the weekend more


The bug got me… that sore tummy last night woke me at 2.30 am, took me to the bathroom and emptied itself of its contents. Then there was this whole fever thing going on for a few hours which kept me from sleep. The Cat asked me politely if I wouldn’t mind holding off on [...]