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Hush little baby, don’t you smoke

This story poses some interesting questions. Amazing to think that the habits that shape behaviour as adults could come down to something as simple as mattress choice for our kiddies. Could my excessive tea consumption be due to electric blanket use when I was 1?

Movin on up

Was going to write about appropriate dress for the workplace being tied to your place in the whole hierarchy but it got me to thinking about climbing the big ladder, corporate-wise. See, I’m what’s called a ‘Publications Editor’ which means I do a bit of writing, editing, desktop publishing and design, and recently quite a [...]

Don’t look at me like that II

I was rather tired yesterday when I mentioned Smirkman. Interestingly, Smirkman’s alter ego is Shorttemperman, and he appeared from a phone booth with this costume on earlier this morning. His one-sided conversation sounded a little like this: Fucking thing! Bullshit, there is fucking paper in it! Fuck it! …[pause]… Fucking thing, I couldn’t fit more [...]

Don’t look at me like that

There’s an associate of mine at work who is one of those smirkers. Everything you do is met with a slightly uppish smirk. I just went down to the QuickEMart to get a chocolate & caffeine fix (on account of getting zero sleep last night, and hey, I still have to make it through the [...]

Pathetic incident of the day

Drew picks up empty payslip envelope from desk. Drew swivels in chair to face recycling bin. Drew propels envelope towards bin, not bothering to move arm from armrest. Envelope fails to travel all 18″ to bin, hits side thereof, falls to ground. Drew looks at envelope on floor and sighs. It was like that time [...]

I confess

I know I’ve only been married a short while but the guilt is becoming just too much. Yes, I slept with David Beckham.

Man of steel

OK, so it’s an ad (what the hell isn’t these days?) but this is very funny. Make sure you watch the teasers as well

3 Random things

I’m working on my Mac at the moment. When it’s processing (and not crashing), the pointer turns into that little watch, with the short hand on 9 and the big hand spinning around the face every second or so. It reminds me of Pete Townsend in a left-handed kind of way. I’ve joined the dots [...]


Is the day over already? Didn’t I just get here like 40 minutes ago?

I signed up for one of those free domains at There’s a popup involved if you use it, but I figured, what the hey, most people block popups these days with their Google toolbar, don’t they?