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15 minutes and a byline

Not sure if I mentioned that a book came out with one of my pieces of writing in it. The book is a compilation of writing from a Uni subject I took in 2000. The lecturers of the subject take students’ work, give them to other students doing an editing subject and a book is [...]


A few weeks ago, not sure if I mentioned it, they installed some of those vending machines where you put the coin in, turn the handle, and out pop some M&Ms or other such confectionery (or nuts, which I don’t think are classed as confectionery. Note to self: check in supermarket if nuts are in [...]


I was asked by someone at work if I knew of any online games they could have a look at for a project. I raided the bookmarks folder and here’s the list: These are all very cool This is a fave despite not following the official petanque rules This now requires registration but a bogus [...]


Today was a cunt. Don’t ask.

Cuppa III

Made the mistake of going back to the new coffee place next door. C dropped me off to work right in front of it and I offered to get us both a morning beverage. Take away. She waited in the car. We got these flyers at work the other day listing their special opening offers [...]

Lazy boy

I just emailed a query to a colleague who sits not 4 m away. Just shoot me now.

The difference between men & women

The great thing about long weekends is that you get time to do things you wouldn’t normally get time to do on a regular weekend. In my part of the world, the first half of the calendar year is peppered with long weekends: Australia Day in January; Easter in March(ish); Anzac day in April; Adelaide [...]

Why I love the Royal Wedding

Normally, I’m as cynical as they come but for some reason I find myself warming to the occasion of the Royal Danish Wedding. Part of this is the fact that I just got married myself so there is a large residual warm & fuzzy factor there. But I think I like it because there’s nothing [...]

Cuppa II

When I started work in this building they had just cleared the site next door to build a new hotel/apartment block. Yesterday, 2 years and 5 days after I started here, the last piece of the puzzle was put in place when the coffee shop attached to the foyer opened. It’s a franchise of this [...]


I just thought I’d mention how much I love tea. I love it piping hot. I always put really hot water in the cup before pouring in the tea, so the cup is hot and therefore when the tea goes in, it stays hotter than it would if you didn’t warm the cup first. If [...]