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Long weekend

Had a fab time on the weekend in Port Elliot. We shared a holiday rental with our neighbours right near Boomer Beach. It was too cold to surf and I didn’t take my wetsuit anyway. And it was too choppy most of the time as there was just too much wind. The only time it [...]


I guess everyone’s talking about Gmail and I thought I’d sign up and give it a go when the invites came out a while ago. I’ve only given out my gmail address to a couple of people so I could road-test the service and, as an email service, it’s just dandy. No complaints. It sends [...]

A man of distinction

I can be, or have learned to become, rather frugal when it comes to money. I achieve this by constantly putting off buying things until there’s no way around it. I think things like ’Oh, the hole in this pair of socks isn’t that big…’ or ‘Yeah, I’m really sick of this shirt that shrunk in the [...]

Under the weather

For a few weeks now, I’ve been waking in the morning with a slightly heavy chest, as if a cold were coming on. A few weeks… the same thing. Over the long weekend just gone it got a little worse and moved its way up into my sinuses and I was a bit blocked up [...]

Sun spot

I think this photo is best shot I’ve seen on the transit of venus. I must say I was a bit excited by the whole thing. But how do you talk about the rarity of the spectacle in time and space without pulling out all those clichés about how it makes you feel small and [...]

For my next trick

I will now eat this custard-filled donut. It weighs about a pound.


Goggles spy ‘Potter’ pirates I know how to stop movie piracy. I have a simple but brilliant idea which would prevent pirates shooting decent versions of movies in cinemas. All I need is a business plan, $10,000 startup capital, a workshop, an audience with the presidents of various worldwide cinema chains and three months off [...]

Kill Eddie

I really hate channel 9 (How surprising. Drew is going on about how he hates a certain media outlet) Actually, how about that? I was going to talk about what wanks everyone at Ch9 seems to be (not that I know them personally but I judge them by what they do… and there’s a saying [...]

Now watch this drive

The trailer for Mike Moore’s film Fahrenheit 9/11 is on his web site now. In related news, this post is now appearing on my website.

‘Sorry… I’m a dickhead!’

I think sorry signs to reduce road rage are well overdue. Maybe John Howard could test the prototype.