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Media addenda

In addition to my last post, I’ve also been secretly enjoying watching Oz Idol, in a completely ironic-consumption kind of way. When I saw the first series I thought that Dicko character was a bit of a prick but having watched the first lot of auditions, I kind of like him. I can’t say why, [...]

Recent media musings

Well, mostly TV musings, unless I start going on about some dodgy clues in last weekend’s cryptic crossword. Firstly, I’m rather ambivalent about Trevor winning BB. When it got down to the last two, I was just glad that Paul wasn’t one of them. I really didn’t like him very much. It might have made [...]

As I was saying

I’ll start that again. I was writing about the trouble I’m having getting used to the new PC and keyboard, when I went to type a capital w and hit the Ctrl key along with the shift and closed the browser. Sod. Bastard. This keyboard lets you type nice and fast but that’s one of [...]

End of an era

Since the beginning of 2001, I’ve had this great little job that I do. I’m the guy that writes the What’s-on-in-Adelaide SMS info messages for Virgin Mobile. So say if you want to see a band or eat at a restaurant but have no idea what was where, you can get an SMS sent to [...]

Legal alien

I was in the supermarket the other night paying for my broccoli, capsicum, bananas, bread & milk the other night and the checkout chick does her usual “How’s your day been?” bit and I say fine and mention the weather and we’re both happy for being so polite to one another. Then I get out [...]

Not so jealous anymore

Now I did not initiate this. I did not act out of jealousy or insecurity in any way. Our resident financier (and person in charge of designating who gets the new PCs) was in our workspace yesterday for a friendly chat and remarked on my colleague’s new computer. She jokingly asked me if I was [...]

Soooo jealous

The girl I work with just got her computer upgraded. All the PCs here are upgraded every three years, which is pretty good compared to other places I’ve worked (from home, for instance). The PC I use is two years old and it’s still great. Space on my Cdrive has been my only issue but [...]

Walk in the Park

At work I sit next to a couple of movie buffs who are out every week seeing the latest arthouse flicks and then talking about them at work the next day. They don’t go together, as such, but have been known to turn up at the same screening. They also discuss the various film review [...]

You fat bastard, you fat bastard!

I love pies. Meat pies, specifically. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love them. They’ve been part of my diet ever since I was in primary school. Whenever I’m in a place I’ve never been, I love to go to the local bakery and sample their pies. So to celebrate International Pie Day [...]

Financial resolutions?

Happy new (financial) year! I’ve been wishing people a happy new year this morning. Mostly, I’ve met with puzzled looks but haven’t hung around long enough to see if anyone has caught on to why I’m behaving like a complete dickhead.