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Driving home

Atypical situation

I say my hell is being shat on by the Dave Matthews Band

I got a free coffee

I encountered a curious act of chivalry today. I was buying a coffee (actually I was getting a coffee for free but that’s beside the point) at a coffee bar which hasn’t actually opened yet but were training the staff to press the buttons on the machine and needed to give the coffee away. Anyway, [...]

And I say…

We’ve been having a few warm and sunny days, which is nice. It’s that perfect time of year when you’re neither hot nor cold and the butter is at just the right consistency for easy spreading.

Why I love the Olympics

Firstly, SBS! How fantastic is it to see sports you wouldn’t normally get to see on Australian television. Hockey, softball, and my personal favorite: volleyball. It’s great to see volleyball on TV almost every night. And it’s about time. I don’t recall seeing it shown from the Sydney Olympics. In fact I’d go so far [...]

Why I hate the Olympics

One of the main reasons would be the Channel 7 coverage. Why? Firstly, it’s interrupted by ads every 10 minutes and when they come back from those ads, there’s always some highlights package taking up valuable programming time, when they could be showing actual events. Secondly, their tendency to show nothing but events that Australia [...]

This is gonna come in handy

The origami approach to folding a shirt.

Dear Google people

A funny thing just happened to me. This should explain it: Dear Google I am a member of Blogger (obviously… it’s how I got this Gmail account). My blog, “I drew this” is at . Last time I logged in, I checked that box that said “remember me”. Today, I clicked my Blogger bookmark [...]

Do I look like that?

Aaaages ago, I was asked to take part in a multi-media project, giving a glowing endorsement of the University I attended. I had to sit in a TV studio and answer some questions on-camera. This was then edited into a interactive CD with stories on a whole lot of stuff about the Uni, with a [...]

Smoke if you got ‘em

For the nerd who has everything, including a smoking habit: PC cigarette lighter