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I’ve uploaded my submission to 26 Things at Have a look to see what the project is all about or just click here to go straight to my submission. It was an interesting exercise. There were some photos I knew I’d taken that just fit some of the things. Of the others I had [...]

Always, always, always, always, always a fucking bridesmaid

I’ve been playing volleyball with the same team at the same location now for five years or so. We never really stop playing either (of course we do stop: games last an hour, after which we stop playing; what I mean is that there’s no real ‘volleyball season’. You play until you have a grand [...]

Today in Media Watch

I’m not so much concerned with the tabloid press today, as something which appeared in it. The court case for the murder of Margaret Tobin has just concluded. She was the head of mental health services in South Austlralia and was shot in the back, in her office a couple of years ago. The killer [...]

Exhibit B

Subsequent to my recent rant on SA’s inferiority complex, I submit this into evidence: So an Adelaide Team makes the Grand Final, and the Sunday Mail makes the focus of the story about Victoria. By contrast, the Queensland Sunday Mail made comment of abscence of a Victorian team in the 8th par of its report [...]


This month, I have been doing other things (and I don’t mean I’ve stopped being constantly tired). But I’ve been steering my creative energies into doing 26 Things this month (at I’m up to 13 so far. It’s a fun challenge. I love taking photos. Digital photography has liberated me in a way (in [...]

I live in a small town

Once in a while some coincidence happens in life that just has you reaching for the Big Book of Coincidences to see if anything in there can top what’s happened to you. This one at least deserves a page devoted to it. Yesterday morning, start of the week, everyone at work is doing the how-was-your-weekend [...]

At the show

Don’t I know you from somewhere?

It’s been a funny week really, given that I’ve been out of the office for most of it and nowhere near an internet connection. Imagine that… no internet. A funny thing happened the other day. I was in the Central Markets buying some fresh herbs from the Asian grocer, I had paid and was putting [...]