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Don’t even think about asking how busy I’ve been recently because you wouldn’t believe me if I sat you down and explained it to you in a very longwinded and detailed manner. Needless to say that when work and family concerns are at the fore, keeping my four semi-regular readers up to date kind of [...]

Un chat dans ma gorge

I studied French for like, 100 years or so. I started it in high school, kept it up after I’d left by watching the Open Learning shows on the ABC and going over old text and exercise books, then when I went to uni I did another three years of it, as well as some [...]


I’ve been too depressed all week to talk about the voting debacle from the weekend. I just don’t know what’s wrong with Australia. I don’t understand what people were thinking! I mean… Ricki-Lee voted off Australian Idol? Who the hell’s going to win it now? Seriously though… not a week has gone by and they’re [...]

Walk the talk

I was just walking past the EDS building on North Terrace. It’s a big office building which houses the Motor Registration office, a big Optus call centre and presumably some EDS staff also. The one notable thing about the building is the smell of stale cigarettes as you walk past. Approximately 100% of the employees [...]

getting warm

Brighton. A nice place to spend a lazy public holiday Monday afternoon