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Recurring dream

I had another pool dream last night. I hate pool dreams. I dream about pools a lot. I used to work in pools. Years ago, I used to have a lot of dreams about delivering papers (I was a paperboy from year 7 to 10) but I guess the pool has taken over since I [...]


I just popped out for lunch for a while. I’m making myself do it now. I’ve been having this really bad bout of motivationlessness and I’ve had to sit myself down and give myself a jolly good talking to. So I’m working some structure into my day, which involves taking lunch somewhere in the middle [...]

Sleepybyes, close the eyes…

Last night, I fell asleep. While that may sound rather unexciting to most people (and rightly so), what I should also add is that I remember every second of it. Now what do you have to say about that? Huh? What? I know what. You’re thinking that Drew’s been out picking wild mushrooms again. But [...]

Please sir, I want some more

It’s been a bit of an issue with me lately, that whenever C and I go out for lunch/dinner, usually for someone’s birthday, I find myself becoming incredibly bored. Same people, same drinking, ordering, eating, drinking, fighting over the bill, drinking, going home tired and $100 poorer. And for what? It strikes me, when the [...]

Come and play

I got a text message from my sister last night which read Snuffleuppigus or Snuffleuffigus? I told her I’d always thought it was Snuffleuppagus (spelled with Ps but not with an I and definitely not Fs). I was pretty sure too. I remember as a kid hearing people saying it with Fs and thinking ‘That’s [...]


I won $4 for a $2.50 stake. Finally, I won something. I shall quit while I’m ahead. And buy that chocolate

First Tuesday

Today is Melbourne Cup Day. Victoria gets a day off today for a horse race. Now, I grew up in Victoria, and still identify myself as such. But one thing I am not is a fan of horse racing. I’m sorry, I can think of nothing more boring than watching 20 horses run round a [...]