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…what’s wrong with chips and kids these days

Last day at work today and it hasn’t come soon enough. We’ve pushed our deadline back a few days to allow for the number of people who missed theirs in getting markup back to us. So the pressure’s off for today. One of the team just got a gift from a client in a couple [...]

water pistol fights in the kitchen

Woah… This whole Xmas thing is getting kind of busy. Not that it’s just Xmas either; it was C’s birthday on Sunday so we went out for dinner and a movie Saturday night. We ate at Madam Wu’s in Norwood, which was much better than I remember it. We used to go there quite a [...]

All present and accounted for

There’s a bit of a colliding of worlds in my life when it comes to Christmas. My family are fairly reserved, quiet (when there’s no alcohol involved), non-confrontational kind of people. We’re all pretty nice to people, sometimes to a fault but on the whole, I think we’re happy that way. At Christmas, we pick [...]

Just not cricket

One-day matches: brilliant. They really are a good way to watch cricket, especially for me, now that I’m so time-poor. Don’t get me wrong; I love test matches as well. They’re a much more tactical and subtle form of the game that I appreciate much more in my maturity. When you’re young, you want things [...]

What rhymes with ‘crap’?

Talking about music recently, I was asked what I thought of Powderfinger. Consider this: Baby, I got you on my mind Honey, you won’t ever know How much I need you by my side Promise you won’t ever go Now someone has written these lyrics in earnest with the intention that the song would be [...]


I was in the supermaket a couple of nights ago picking up some essentials (bread, milk, whole egg mayonnaise, I think) and as I went through the checkout, I couldn’t help but check out what the guy behind me was putting on the black conveyor belt thing. He looked early- to mid-30s, well tanned, number [...]