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ready to face monday

Well that was a lovely weekend. Or at least yesterday was. Most of Saturday was taken up with domestic duties and I cleaned the oven with a tinge of sadness knowing that I was never going to use it for cooking storing dirty frypans ever again. (We just bought a house and will be moving [...]

At fucking last

I bought a laptop just before Xmas. And I have just, 10 minutes ago, got the cunting network card to work. Tonight was my last shot at it. Next week, I was going to install Win2000 on the fucker.

A right goose

A couple of days ago it was Australia day. Hurrah! It’s ever-so-Australian of me to mention this two days after it actually happened but, and tell me if I’m wrong, did anyone notice just a bit more of a to-do this year? What was with that concert in Sydney hosted by Gretsky Killeen? I mean, [...]

That Beach Boys song

I was just in the Quik-E-Mart down the road and saw Vibe 4U vibrating condoms. Now a whole lot of men who don’t have sex with have reason to buy a condom. Either that, or couples are just getting lazy.


It’s Tour Down Under time in Adelaide again. I know I wrote last year about the amazing numbers of cyclists you see on the road during this week of the year that you never ever see at any other time. That hasn’t changed this year. My company is involved in the whole thing and this [...]


I just ran into my linguistics lecturer from Uni days. Nothing interesting to report, I just wanted to casually mention that I had studied linguistics.

Get over it, already

It’s fun, popular, competitive and exciting, and it’s really starting to generate significant returns for SA – so isn’t it time Victoria poached the Tour Down Under? – The Independent Weekly, January 16-22, 2005 I really expected a whole lot more from Adelaide’s newest paper. But it seems that just because you print a paper [...]

Spunk alert, girls!

I’m a guy. At work, it’s not OK for me to look at women for too long talk about their physical attractiveness (or otherwise) in anything but the most prudent/euphemistic language hold, grab, rub-up-against, bump into, molest or touch them in any way, unless completely by accident compliment them on how nice they look, lest [...]

cold comfort

I’m thinking of changing. I’ve decided this shirt doesn’t go with these pants. No, I’m thinking of changing my attitude to something. See, I grew up being driven around by mum & dad in a couple of very old holden station wagons. Air conditioning in an HQ wagon wasn’t something you saw a lot of [...]

[headline intentionally omitted]

It wasn’t going to be like this. In the lead-up to Xmas, I was shaping up for a blogging bonanza (as you do). I bought a laptop and set it up with nothing more than a web browser, word processor and some choice mp3s and, before going south for the Xmas break, even sorted out [...]