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At the car wash (yeah)

We had a few errands to run after work tonight, and since the car hasn’t been parked in the garage for a night or two, it was in need of a wash. So we drove to a BP on Payneham Rd where you can get a wash in one of those automatic jobbies for six [...]

Soft underfoot

This whole buying-a-house caper was actually a bit of a spur-of-the-moment thing, or at least a spur-of-the-week thing. We were all geared up to move into another rental and ended up putting in an offer on a place and (after a lot of fucking around with incompetent real estate agents) we’d bought a house before [...]

Ho moaner

Moved house on the weekend. Still recovering. Still have to mop the kitchen floor at the old house. We’re getting the place sorted though and when we do I just know I’m going to love sitting in the living room, watching the light change in the late afternoon. Gotta love the hills. So to fill [...]


We’re gearing up for a big weekend. Firstly, it’s my birthday on Sunday (which, I know, isn’t really firstly… firstly will be more like leaving work and grabbing a bite from the Central Markets, then there’s all Saturday to get through, but I’m kind of talking in terms of this weekend’s impending bigness, so let’s [...]

Unbearable lightness of being a plane

There’s a story in the paper today about a local businessman and his wife who died in a light plane crash. Now, I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone concerned but the phrase “light plane crash” always strikes me as odd. Because, well, planes are heavy. That’s why, when they stop working, they crash. They [...]

Cultural cringe

In a great piece of cultural sensitivity, Woolworths in the city have a big display downstairs with posters on the front of it saying “Happy Chinese New Year”. What’s in the display? Two-minute noodles. On special. 33c a pack.


I saw this just outside the office this morning. I have surmised that either autumn is coming early, or the summer has been especially harsh and these leaves were just burnt off the trees. Or, I guess, the more probable explanation is that this is perfectly normal for these kinds of leaves, and here I [...]