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All relative

It came up in a family conversation the other day (not necessarily a conversation with a family member but a conversation on the subject thereof), that people in China, with the whole one-child policy in operation, would have no cousins. Obviously, they’d have no brothers or sisters either.

Hot cross bunnies

Hot Cross Buns have been in the shops since January. Early January. I think I first saw them on the 6th and was almost tempted to blog that “Oh my god, it’s only the sixth of January and already they’re putting hot cross buns in the shops” but then I thought, well, how much of [...]

Too much

I caught the start of Rove last night and I can’t help but think that if I’d missed the start of Rove then all this unpleasantness could have been avoided. But no, I saw the start of it and he said that the Dave Matthews Band would be performing. I got into DMB about 9 [...]


It seems to be that time of the year for Grand Finals of various descriptions. Bruce had some luck (or should I say, showed some excellent form) in his recent cricketous endeavours and speaking for myself it’s a relief finally to say that after many appearances as bridesmaid (a word just crying out for a [...]


The last few days have seen me working almost exclusively in photoshop. I’ve been brushing up on my colour-correction technique and have been using a new method on all the images I’ve been scanning and preparing for print. But as anyone who has used a computer for too long will tell you, strange things can [...]

Think man, think!

Brains are funny things. Especially when they slip on banana peels and fall on their arses. That’s a metaphor. Brains don’t really have arses. Brains invented metaphors though, and are required for their interpretation. Some brains take things way too literally and some brains lack the full understanding of the word literally and say things [...]

Amateur falconry

We had lunch at Tin Cat on the weekend, and I was rather impressed with the tenacity of this little guy He’s actually sitting on my leg as I hand him a chip with one hand and hold the camera in the other. The whole thing only took a second or two but NOBODY SAW [...]


Things on my mind I’m sick today. This means I can either: a)sleep; b)sloth about on the couch listening to 891; c)change this ugly blog template to something less hideous (I get sick of things quickly, which leads to my next point…) I can’t be arsed finishing my simmer sauce reviews. The idea was to [...]

The sauce

Because our kitchen is in a state of yettoberenovatedness, and our stove is a scary electric-hotplate job with rust stains on the elements, and the cooktop, and the door, we’re currently giving it as wide a berth as is feasible, given that cooking is one of the more regular of our regular activities. To minimise [...]