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Me and my arthriti–ouch, oh fuck that hurts

I was 26 when I was diagnosed as having arthritis. Osteoarthritis to be precise. I remember that while I was out jogging my right ankle was in excruciating pain and thinking how much of a bummer it would be to have to stop and walk home. I was half-way through a 6 km run. I [...]

Appealing coverage

Unedited and off the top of my head, but here goes… <rant> I’m sure the Australian commercial media breathed a collective sigh of relief at the guilty verdict of Ms Corby was handed down. This guarantees them another six months of coverage of her situation while the appeal is lodged, considered and ultimately decided. The [...]


We watched the Glasshouse last night. The things I enjoy about the show are its carefully scripted offhand jokes and its well rehearsed spontenaiety. I especially appreciate the way Corinne pulls that dopey, idiot fuckwit face after she says a punchline, in case you’re not sure you’ve just heard a joke and want to know [...]

You row

It’s Sunday night. Eurovision night. I like the Eurovision Song Contest. Actually, let me clarify that: I like the idea of the ESC. The reality of it is just too hard to sit through. And when I say I like the idea of Euro, I don’t mean I like the idea of countries coming together [...]

Where have all the young men gone?

I need a man. Or men. Just someone else who’s male. Someone with whom I can talk about manly things like computers, guitar amplifiers, imported beer, Little Britain and testicles. I’m surrounded by females. When I went to Uni, I attended a campus with an 80% female population. I was 25 or 26 or something [...]

Hey wow, I can see my breath!

Summer seemed to hang on for an amazing duration this year. I think this morning was the first really quite chillly morning we’ve had. Others may disagree but then I do have a higher-than-usual tolerance to the cold (which I’m sure I picked up delivering papers at 6am in the semi-arid MIldura winters, where the [...]


One of the pointless ways I’ve found to amuse myself is to think about words. I say it’s pointless but really, given my line of work, it’s probably fitting that I kind of enjoy words and how they’re put together and all that kind of crap. The reason I mention this is because on my [...]


Just popping my head up, y’know, while I’m awake and not carrying out some order given to me by the boss, or by she who must be obeyed. Actually, it’s not that bad. The orders aren’t annoying but there’s always a lot to do, at work and at home. And the sleep, while not abundant, [...]