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Waking up

I’ve decdide I’m tired of being tired. Which reminds me of what a great band the HoodooGurus were, but that’s beside the point. Yesterday I realised that even though the lack of sleep is a bitch, I’m just going to wake up and be a bit happier, and not be just so… y’know… tired all [...]

Breakfast: 2 paracetamol and a strong pot of coffee

I am so tired. It was a sleep-free affair for me this weekend and as much as I’d like to say it’s cos I’m so hard that I was out indulging till the wee smalls and getting only a few hours kip so I could wake up, hurl, then go and have a breakfast of [...]

Food: then and now

Is it just me, or does every single snack food on the market these days consist of wheat flour and sodium? I bought a pack of some cheesy flavoured snack biscuits the other day and was astounded at how much they tasted less like cheese, and more like salt. And I’m sure that they didn’t [...]

Goodness, how exciting

Look at that interesting link over there, in the left column, right at the top. Yes, there it is, the photo thing. That’s new! It mirrors this site, of course; I’ve just given the photo bits a more prominent home and I may get around to posting good shots from the archives. Now let me [...]


I was trying to catch the fog when I took this photo but it got all blown out. I cropped it heavily and made a variation to an effect I often create in photoshop. I like the way it’s brought out the graduated contrast in the road. I don’t completely suck at taking photos. I [...]

Jour de fête

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy Bastille Day to any Frenchies or Frenchie-loving non-Frenchies out there. Not being a Frenchie, my earliest and fondest memories of Bastille Day are from French classes in high school, where Miss Woodman would bring in French onion soup, or some chocolate and a loaf of bread. [...]

Poorly constructed Sunday evening post, in which I coin a new word by accident

C & I had our first big lunch today for people other than family since we moved to the new digs. We put in a shitload of work on Saturday to get the place clean (had the roof power-cleaned on Friday so there was muck everywhere) and had the crew over today for drinkies and [...]

London and the media

I saw the words “London Explosion” on a Union Jack backdrop as I was doing some hi-speed channel flipping last night. I flicked back to look for details but they’d changed news story. That was early on in the evening. Of course by the time BB had finished and I hat put L to bed, [...]

Procrastin… ooh, what’s that over there?

Can’t post now. Have to keep mind on job. Deadline tomorrow. I have a new project I’m working on (blogwise) but I simply must try to concentrate for most of today on doing my actual work. Then I can work on new fun things and try to fix the bloody css on this site (yes, [...]

Be good, Johnny

I’ve been thinking of ways I could mark the taking-over of the Senate by the Coalition. Yes, today Johnny’s little chums can run riot in the red room and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. This looks like it will be really good for: Rich fucks who own companies This will be [...]