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Spare a dime?

Adelaide is really moving up in the world. Most homeless people in Adelaide are pretty resourceful. They usually have a big old shopping trolley full of those plaid, nylong bags and a pair of tongs fashioned from a coathanger that they use to fossick for cans and other collectibles from bins on the footpath (American [...]

Bad 80s music confession

When I was in year 12 (a really long time ago, not that I’ll admit it) I was in a band that we named after cartoon character who resembled a short, balding neighbour of mine at the time, who used to come over and complain when we rehearsed. We wrote some really really bad songs. [...]

Adults only

Kids, eh? Sometimes you just wish you could take out their batteries and have some peace & quiet. But for the first time this week, we actually have some time to relax. C is studying and I’m listening to samples of music I’ve never heard before on Amazon with a view to purchasing something. I [...]

Stranger on a train

There are certain codes of conduct on public transport systems the world over that are pretty much the same. Basically, you sit still, keep to yourself and talk to nobody. This seems to be a somewhat relaxed rule on the Belair line; when no train is more than three carriages long, there’s a tendency to [...]