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Add it up

Follow up to the English test from the other day is this maths test. I’m happy to say I got 18/20, surprising even myself. I only got stuck on #19 and #20. I knew how to figure out #19 so could see where I went wrong (memories of sitting next to Bruce in Mr. David’s [...]

Leave me

I’m on a week’s leave next week. The last time I took leave was in March 2004 so I’m due, no? We’re renting a place in Port Elliot for the week (Saturday to Friday, so we get the weekend at home to recover). Places are about ¼ the price now compared to what they are [...]

After (or during) the game

Now the football doesn’t really interest me. Though I’m happy the crows lost on the weekend because now everyone can just shutup about it. There was an interesting bit of TV on Saturday night though. C & I were waiting for some choice English drama to start on the ABC and had Channel 9′s funny [...]

As she is spoke (and writ)

English test over at the BBC. I got 20/20 but then I did have my professional reputation at stake. And anyone interested in that sort of thing may want to go here.

I’ll never eat again

I just went for lunch with a friend to the Duke of York. I had the “Duke Burger”, which is one of those burger jobs that every pub and his dog is doing these days. It’s basically just a very big hamburger. (I remember last time we went there, I ordered the bangers & mash. [...]


Still not sure how I feel about it. I enjoy taking part when it doesn’t hurt to walk (it’s an arthritis thing) but I’m still trying to rise above the whole notion of supporting one or another team in any kind of national/international competition. Say you follow AFL. Many people do. There are like, 16 [...]


Little Miss L wakes up most days between 6:00 and 6:30. Today, she let me sleep in till 6:45. She played in her room for a little while, before running in and thrusting Humpty Dumpty in my face. I got up. I could have let C do the early shift but she doesn’t do mornings [...]