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Smug, conservative country music fans

From the Adelaide Independent Weekly Online news service, 27 Oct 05: Adelaide’s newest radio station launches as Cruise 1323 To commence broadcasting from mid-November, the ARN’s newest station will target “Baby Boomers and beyond” with a “sophisticated and smooth” music format. In addition to music the station will feature community info on such things as [...]

≤ 4

Last night, C found an article on childhood amnesia, which is where you pretty much forget anything that ever happened to you before the age of four or so. Of course you don’t wake up on your fourth birthday and forget who you are but as you get older, these memories fade. It’s interesting for [...]

More scary than ugly

Today at work: Good: Turning on the PC to find that the IT guy had installed CS2 Bad: Realising that I had lost all my custom Photoshop actions Ugly: I walk into the toilet and see a cup of tea next to the wash basin. As I step up to the urinal, owner of said [...]

X-ray results

There are degenerative changes with osteophytic lipping mainly at the tip of the medial malleolus and anteriorly involving the distal tibia. There is bony ridging of the talar neck. The ankle joint space is preserved but there is some minor irregularity of the contour of the talar dome. There is a small ossicle posterior to [...]

First-week-back blues

What he said. And actually, this is the start of my third week back and it’s not getting any easier to… ah, y’know…

I take no sides

I will post my thoughts on this at a later stage (it’s all come as such a shock). For now, I merely draw your attention to its existance.