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dreaming of sleeping

I’m having an operation on my ankle in just under two weeks. While I’m looking forward to the pain relief this should bring, I really can’t wait for the procedure itself. You see, it will be under general anaesthetic, meaning I get to have a couple of hours’ sleep. Also, have organised to recuperate at [...]

media trial

I caught a bit of Sunrise this morning and saw the media circus surrounding the imminent arrival of Michelle Leslie. There was the overwhelming impression that the girl wasn’t exactly going to get a warm welcome. I’ve just read online that she only answered one question before losing her shoe while being pursued by media. [...]

Man gets hotel room

I knew they were going to be closing half of North Tce this morning for the arrival of Donald Rumsfeld but I wasn’t expecting what it actually looked like. I don’t know what I was expecting though. I think the presence of about 40 police officers threw me at first, as I thought they were [...]

…and in the morning

I found myself walking along North Terrace this morning just before 11am (I was wondering where I’d gotten to) and happened upon the Rememberance Day service at the War Memorial. I had bought a Poppy when I got off the train and decided to stay for the service, sitting on one of the new benches [...]

Pain management

This whole constant-pain thing is really quite interesting. Now, I’m a bloke and as such I’m bound by the code of blokedom not to complain about it. If I were a girl, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been to work at all this week, such is the pain involved in walking to and from the [...]

Hard work not talking

I saw someone on the train this morning who is not talking to me. And while you’re thinking ‘Well, I don’t talk to you on the train either Drew, I have no idea who the fuck you are,’ I should mention that that this was someone who used to talk to me a lot, sometimes [...]

It’s the system that’s sick

I have this recurring ankle problem for which I’ve been seeing a podiatrist for some time. Apparently though, podiatrists aren’t real doctors, so when it came to referring me on to a specialist (after seeing my scary x-rays), he said I’d have to go back to my GP and do it. The closest thing I [...]