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Housing issues

No real news from me other than that I’m so glad it’s only a couple of hours till home time and I don’t have to work again until next year. On that, I have 2 weeks of being busy when I get back, as I’ll be acting in my superviser’s role while she’s on leave, [...]

Mixed bag

Having time off work: fun. Recovering from general anaesthetic: not fun. Recuperating at parents’ house: fun. Not being about to walk: not fun. Re-runs of Scrubs every day at 11am: fun. All other daytime TV: scary. Having time to relax for the first time in a year: fun (and relaxing). Not being able to get [...]

The kids are asleep. Now, where did I put my life..?

Oh, that’s right… I have a blog. We’re renovating the bathroom & laundry, so it’s been all hands (at least, all of mine) on deck for general domestic duties; not necessarily reno-related but there’s a lot to do around the house given that C has project-managed the whole thing and I’ve been trying to keep [...]

At least the colours are nice

As I said here, I’m a little bit excited (not too excited, you understand) about the imminent release of the new Aeon Flux movie. What I am really fucking thrilled about though, is this. No longer do I have to lug around taped-from-the-tv episodes on 4 video cassettes. When I get my Borders gift voucher [...]