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More recommendations

I’ve mentioned before how tenuous some of the recommendations are on Amazon. I think this bears mentioning again: Mmmm… Punctuation… Enya… Even more confusing: I rated Fiona Apple’s album Extraordinary Machine and it recommended that I buy, and I’m not making this up, a salad spinner.

Ben Lee is a genius

Men are stupid. World leaders are a given but you don’t have to look any further than the TV to see how men are held in contempt for their utter numbskulliness. There’s the “Honey, have you seen my pants?” ad where stupid man is unable to dress himself without superior flower-pot-on-head-wearing woman. There’s the man-washes-car-part-in-dishwasher [...]

Manhood… finally

I have just reached what may well be the final milestone to becoming a real man. No, I didn’t just grow a penis, I’ve had one of those for at least four years now. My most recent achievement involves housing materials and power tools. I just put a screw in a brick. Not just some [...]

Further to my previous post…

Goodness, people actually left comments on my last post, giving me the impetus to get my fingers into gear and maybe get some content happening, as indeed I think I promised a few weeks ago. Not that that makes it official or anything, it’s in writing, yeah, but it’s on the internet so I can [...]

A list

Things I have been meaning to write about but just haven’t had time: the new Adelaide Airport terminal (including car park) teaspoons renovations impending leave bad impersonations lack of telecommunications services in Adelaide, more specifically the hills. I could also go on about how fucking hot it was today and therefore not a good day [...]

On the move

I’ve been crunching some numbers and I think I’ve finally found a way to save at least $60 a month on telecommunications. I’m with the animal company now for both mobile and home phone. I pay about $30 a month just in line rental, and for argument’s sake, add about $50 a month to that [...]

Going shopping

Ooh, you all have to watch ‘Shopping for Love’ tonight. Not because it’s a great show but because if you like the look of the blonde girl in tonight’s episode, I can probably hook you up.

Sweating it out

I managed not to fall asleep on the train this morning. I did this by reading my copy of Graham Greene’s A Burnt-Out Case. I picked it up when someone left a pile of stuff outside their office marked “free stuff” and thought ‘yeah, I should read some Graham Greene’ before I really realised it [...]

BBQ lunch

Now, I’m not normally one to pore over the contents of my colleagues’ lunch boxes but after having leftover rissoles for lunch myself, I couldn’t help but notice at least three other people reheating/consuming various sausages and patties, along side various corn, pasta and potato salads. It must have been a nice day for it.

Sleep is the new awake

I wonder, does anyone actually come back to work refreshed (or even awake) after having time off? I’ve fallen asleep on the train yesterday and today on my way into work and it nearly cost me. Yesterday, I left home without a train ticket, so swung by the ATM for a crisp fifty before going [...]