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I’ve not been at all impressed with this extension of Daylight Savings. Of course, DST usually finishes on the final weekend in March but because a whole bunch of Queen-loving runny jumpy people wanted to run and jump about a bit, then all get together for a kangaroos-on-bikes-fest, it was apparently deemed by the powers [...]

Dead wood

Dad came over today to help us get rid of a tree. There has been this old plum-looking thing, with lots of thin branches that go straight up, sort of just sitting there at the bottom of the garden path and just being dead. You could just tell by its general nakedness leafwise and blackened [...]

Out at lunch time

I actually left the office today at lunch, which was nice. I know I should do it every day to clear my head and get the fuck away from this screen but sometimes, believe it or not, there is actually work to do and sometimes I actually manage to knuckle down and get some of [...]

I drew this


I’m really not doing very well with this, am I? I know I’m disappointing my legion of regular readers by not posting more often but life, well, it is what it is; and right now it’s what it is with creativity and spare time occurring at mutually exclusive parts of the day. When they start [...]


I found this link a couple of days ago. I can’t remember where I found it but that’s not important right now. I do a lot of photography for my job, especially photographing people against a plain background, for contouring (alpha-channelling) later on before they’re dropped into publication layouts. Sometimes, if the lighting sucks when [...]

Water damage: manufacturer’s warranty void

Gosh, it has been a long time. With all the sleep deprivation of late (yes, I have kids) blogging hasn’t really been a high priority. I was woken six times last night. So no long post today either, rather a dot-point summary of various recent goings-on. I think I saw Austen Tayshus in Adelaide Railway [...]