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Unmotivated (or just resting… depends how you look at it)

It’s a holiday and I know I should be doing heaps of stuff: some computer-related, some not. But I think I’m suffering from that thing where the stuff you have to do is so insurmountable that you end up just doing nothing. Add to that the fact that it’s effing cold out and raining (making [...]

Science fiction plot for sale

So there’s a space craft orbiting our nearest planetary neighbour, Venus, right about now. Scientists are trying to find out how a planet, so similar in size, distance from sun, and age could be so different from our blue heaven here on Earth. While the air here is mostly Nitrogen & Oxygen, there it’s mostly [...]

Epilogue: a half-happy ending

My mum is da bomb (sorry, I was watching video hits on the weekend). You may remember that, due to my sheer incomptetence and lack of life skills, I managed to lose a gift that my parents so kindly bought for me at Xmas last year. It was a voucher to Borders, one of my [...]