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Bonhoeffer's collected works

I was subtly reminded in an email today that it had been nearly two weeks since I bothered to entertain my legion of readers. My apologies to both of you. So here’s a few observations of the week gone by. Tuesday’s commute down Unley Rd into the city gave C & I a bit of [...]

Is this a cheese shop?

I have come by some lovely cheese. Long story short, I scratched someone’s back a while ago, and they’ve given me some cheese as a bit of an extra thank-you scratch on mine. So when I arrived at my desk this morning, there were two quarter wheels of cheese; one parmesan, one pecorino. But I [...]

Something is changing

I’m kind of worried about this but then kind of not. I’m not sure if it’s a temporary reaction to recent festivities or whether it’s something that could be more enduring. I’m at once scared by it but at the same time relieved. I’m not sad to see it go but I somehow wonder what [...]

And hey, hey, hey… there goes Richard

So the miners have been rescued, which is lovely for them. Most networks ran long with this story last night because it was payoff time. This was a network’s wet dream. It had all the elements of drama, suspense, touches of humour and poignant sadness. No wonder every on-air personality was there covering it. Now [...]

Kids who smoke

The latest assault by the anti-smoking brigade features ads with graphic depictions of gangrenous feet belonging to some poor sod who’s about to have the leg chopped. (And I always wonder about ads like that. Did the lighting and camera crew come in to set up the shot before or after the anaesthetist put the [...]

Daddy make de sho'tbread

Spending the day at home with my girls today. Little Miss L wanted to make something. I’d always wanted to try making shortbread and for a first attempt, I don’t think this is too bad at all. I’m having it with a cup of tea now.

Office mum

Every office has an office mum. Some offices have more than one person who assumes motherly roles in one way or another. There have been a few members of staff here, mostly female (but then, the whole staff is mostly female) who, upon having some personal crisis or another have gone to office mum for [...]


Sometimes I like to take photos. I’m not saying I’m brilliant at it or anything but I’ve got equipment: big, heavy, pretty impressive looking SLR equipment. It currently lives in a couple of drawers in the hall and when I want to take it out and use it, I have the same dilemma. I’ve been [...]