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I don’t know what to say. But not in the way you think I don’t know what to say. There are so many things that the Aus v Ita result brings to mind. That everything from here on in is a cliché, that sport really brings out the ugliest in people, whether it’s in victory [...]


A lot of people are really jumping on the world cup band wagon. I kind of am but then I’m not really. For starters, you may notice I didn’t even capitalise it. Also, I would have been watching it anyway even if Australia weren’t in it (as many 1st-generation Australians would be: cheering on the [...]

I might catch 40 winks now

Being home, sick has its good points. You get to sleep a lot, take painkillers, doze, watch bad TV, have a lie down, go through old shit on your hard drive and either delete it or back it up, snooze, take painkillers, rest, read, nap, potter around, eat whatever you like and get some much [...]

Wine, (scary) women and song

It was rather a bizarre day at the Sea & Vines yesterday. C & I met up with another couple, friends of ours, at Coriole, which is probably our favorite spot in the area. The wine was very drinkable and the bouillabaisse was on par with previous years (though quite how you’re supposed to eat [...]


I was just going through an old notepad and found the following list Gynacology Funerals Bank Dance Academy Patisserie Hair & Nails It took me a minute to remember what it was about but remembered that C & I had started it after seeing a ‘Jim’s Aerials’ van and wondered what other franchises besides mowing [...]

Wardrobe dilemma

I have, as I’m sure a lot of men do, a selection of shirts that are what I shall call ‘high-rotation’ shirts. And I don’t mean that they’re spinny. Ho ho, no… that’s silly. No, I have a basic set of shirts that I wear each week. One of my faves got ripped a few [...]

Dream hands

I wrote a post here a while ago about how, one night, I was completely lucid the whole time I was falling asleep and remembered it in enough detail to write about it afterwards. I’ve always had a weird kind of lucid thing going on when I’m asleep, particularly when I’m dreaming. I got to [...]

Merchant bankers

I had cause to ring a certain banking establishment today to query a charge they had imposed upon my credit card account. Despite having paid around three times the minimum monthly repayment within the last calendar month, I was somehow lumbered with a ‘Late Payment fee’ to the tune of $35. It seemed rather incongruous [...]

In training

The last few days at work have been spent huddled over a stack of printouts, proofreading/copy-editing my poor little heart out. I got a bit of a runny nose on Wednesday and it’s turning into a full-on head cold. Psuedoephedrine was my friend today, otherwise I could have been nose-dribbling snot all over my markup. [...]