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Shit on mine

I haven’t been working for the last couple of days. And by ‘working’, I mean I haven’t been sitting at work drinking coffee and surfing the net. The term really is rather inaccurate insofar as when we say “I’m going to work,” we imply that staying at home does not connote the concept of doing [...]

Shit on Nine

Now, as a general rule, I can’t stand watching Channen nine. I find their flagship current affairs show more offensive than… oh, I don’t know; nothing else really offends me that much. Their news (and I’m talking about the “parochial, yeah we’re parochial” Adelaide variety) sets a benchmark as a basic minimum (sub)standard of news [...]


The Big Brother ‘incident’ was shown on Today Tonight last night. Now I’m just going to sit here and wait for a swathe of conservative politicians to issue statements demanding that this ‘filth’ be taken off air immediately. Just over here… Waiting… …

Big Brother v. the thought police

It seems it doesn’t take much to raise the ire of the baby-boomer, “family-values” conservative politicians. When it does get raised, as it seems to have been following the latest notable happenings on Big Brother, we see the typical knee-jerk reactions you’d expect from media-hungry pollies with an axe to grind and a constituency of [...]