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Blogger’s being a right shit at the moment so there will be no more content till I sort it out. Oh, to be one of those rich bloggers with their own hosting, domain and MT.

go AWAy

I was offered an AWA today. By email no less. Which, when you think about it, puts AWAs right up there with cheap Viagra, p3n1s ext3nsi0ns and ‘Hot $lut5 in your inbox’.


Call it a sign of the times, if you will but this is… I don’t know… perhaps the beginning of the end of civilised society as we know it. It’s a story of such import and magnitude, I can’t believe the ABC hasn’t picked it up. Still, the less processed offal our kids eat…


Goodness, how exciting! I work in the CBD and at the moment, I think I’m prohibited from leaving my building. Down the road at 55 Currie St, the bomb squad has been called after a suspicious package was delivered. I tried to ring a friend, who, I think, works in that building but she’s not [...]

10 Across. Something new to read

In the days before blogging was even a twinkle in the internet’s eye, I used to keep a journal. Interesting expression: ‘keep’ a journal. Why is it something you keep? Hmm, it’s probably lost a previous meaning more akin to ‘upkeep’. Sorry, tangent. I used to have a series of spiral-bound notebooks that I used [...]

The aura of new stuff

My colleague over the fence, so to speak, is having her monitor replaced. The IT guy is taking away her CRT and putting in a lovely new flat thing. I’m in no way involved in the removal/installation process. But I’ve very close by and there’s this part of me that just wants to stand around [...]

Picture this

I’m not doing too well at the whole regular-posting thing. But to explain, since the vomit situation cleared up, I’ve been busy with work and with being a bit bored with winter to be arsed writing anything. I have to be in a certain mood, conducive to creativity before I can write anything I deem [...]