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Teething problems

I’m not referring to anything wrong with the new hosting bits. No, I’m talking about teething, especially in infants, especially in mine. For some reason, the arrival of molars in Little Miss M’s mouth has caused rather an unwanted reaction in her upon her waking anywhere between midnight and 4 am-ish. Normally, we might take [...]

Good grief

So I’ve been on hiatus for a few weeks and much has happened. Some famous people have died, which must be awful for them and their families, especially where young children are involved but, for the rest of us, give me a break. Of course, the media love it when famous people die. They spend [...]

New digs

Yes, I’ve pulled up stumps and have moved over here to the tenpm franchise, hosted by my long-time friend and making-up-rude-phrases-in-year-ten-French colleague Bruce. Good on ya, mate.

Moved on

Right. If anyone’s looking for me, I’ll be over here.