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In the spirit?

Halloween night is nearly over and there’s been not one single kid round here trick-or-treating. And here we were, well prepared for the onslaught of neighborhood kids, off their faces from sugar treats and food colouring. Which means it’s Gummi Bears for lunch tomorrow (…again!)

Not imaginary

Snufalupagus came to my house last night. I was home alone and he showed up, unexpected. We had a beer each, chatted, then had a cup of tea each with Monte Carlo biscuits. I tried to call Susan and Gordon but they had their phones switched to silent so I couldn’t tell them he was [...]

Assessing the options

It’s 3.20 pm and you still haven’t had lunch. Do you: a) go and buy some b) save $5 by not buying any c) have yet another cup of coffee and eat the Peanut Slab that’s in your bag, even though you’re not really in the mood for it d) make a stupid list, thereby [...]

“The nice man waved, so I waved back…”

We just bought a new car. C went to a govt auction and came out with a shiny ’04 Magna wagon. I was watching it all unfold online. I saw this particular lot go past our limit, then go further and further, thinking ‘Oh well, plenty more to go’. Then I get a call saying [...]

Straw poll

If you heard someone say “I’ve just cut myself really badly,” what type and degree of injury would you expect to see?

Early bird

I’ve been up since about 5.15. It’s just before 6 am now. I didn’t choose to get me up at this time but Little Miss L fell asleep in the car on the way home last night so I kind of knew this was coming. I’ve always been an early riser, which is strange considering [...]

Friends forever… whether you like it or not.

They say you can choose your friends but not your family. I’m not entirely sure that’s true. Not the family bit. That’s true. At least as far as your blood relatives are concerned. You get to choose your spouse (in most cultures) and it can be fun trying out prospective candidates. But I’m not so [...]

Just don’t break my kneecaps

We’re paying off a couch, or something (could be the lawn mower or last week’s groceries) through one of those lending services where you get one-year-interest-free loans when you buy a new appliance. We juggle all our payments and do an ok job of it but sometimes our payday doesn’t coincide with their billing cycle, [...]

Low points

A conversation with a colleague in the work kitchen got me thinking about the low points we have in life, when you hit bottom, financially, emotionally or otherwise. Obviously, neither of us had ever lived on the streets, so we weren’t in one of those ‘I had it so bad’ kind of competitions about how [...]

One all

Now, I know I’m not the biggest sports fan on the planet, but was tonight’s Socceroos game agains Paraguay just about the biggest anti-climax in this nation’s sporting history? Great goal in the 85th minute by uh, one of the retiring guys, then they take him off so he can get his big cheerio from [...]