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The darnedest things

I had just strapped Little Misses L and M in the car this morning and was still waiting for C to get in. L hadn’t wanted to be strapped in but rather wanted to sit in the front seat. By using a stern tone and a menacing look I was able to coax her into [...]

My evil twin

It appears I have a namesake. This is no surprise really. I’m sure there are many people throughout the world who share the same first name/surname combination that I do. In fact, a quick autogoogle suggests that there is a me who has an insurance company, a me who has run a porcelain business for [...]

Things hanging out of cars

We went to Brighton beach on the weekend to let the kids run around and get wet. We also met some friends down there, chatted, threw the frisbee, had chips, sat in the park, went for coffee. Nice. Funny thing was though, as we sat drinking our caffeinated beverages, I saw a late model car [...]

Backwards week

It’s late Friday afternoon, nearly home-time, and I just finished something and there’s no point starting anything else so I was just reflecting on my week. I’m tired a lot. And maybe after the whole pox on my house thing happened, maybe I wasn’t really ready to handle a full week of work. It’s been [...]

Guest villain: coffee

C & I have been watching the first season of Gilmore Girls on DVD. I’ve said before that C & Lorelai are kinda similar, so having two intelligent, articulate, totally hot, 30-something women around while I’m lying on the couch doesn’t do me any harm one bit. One of the motifs in GGs, is their [...]

A lot of scabs

Well, aren’t you lot a fucking supportive bunch! Yes, still rather itchy, thanks for asking. No, it’s fine. No need to comment, email, call, txt, skywrite, or send a virtual e-getwellcard from hallmarkdotfuckingcom… I’ll just be over here scratching in the corner.


This chickenpox thing is no fun at all. It’s just like having the flu, only instead of waking up with a headache, you wake up with a headache and feel as though about a thousand mosquitos have just bitten you; then the bites turn to blisters that pop and evenutally scab over. I’m actually trying [...]

Here is Spot

When C & I went on honeymoon, it was to a different country where contagious diseases are different from the ones we get over here. So I dutifully went along to a doctor specialising in overseas immunisations to get shot, so to speak. The doc went through a list with me of diseases that I [...]

Don’t make me laugh…

So the ABC has axed the Glass House. Maybe they can replace it with something funny