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Ah you crazy internet kids with your cool bloggy ideas. It appears I have been “tagged” to come up with some sort of list or other about myself. Normally I don’t do these things because hey, I didn’t study journalism and language for years at uni and come out with two parchments to make up [...]

Hippo/space conundrum

Hungry Hippos comes out of the box… But it just won’t fit back in.


I tried to slice the top off my left ring finger yesterday but didn’t even make it as far as the bone. I got a fair way through the nail and even further through the fleshy part but upon realising what the fuck I was doing, just thought “Okay, so cutting the end of a [...]

Oh, and my roof is tile

I don’t know about y’all but I’m loving this rain. It’s even better up here in the hills, where it’s usually a few degrees cooler than on the plain. With this amount of rainfall you get a cool, breezy cooling breeze. Last night though, before it really started to cool down, we’d long since turned [...]


It might be a sign of the times but I was in my local supermarket this morning, y’know buying mince pies and such (that’s not the sign of the times… well it kind of is, the sign being my mince-pie-buying and the times being close to Christmas but that should be a given), when I [...]

Men are stupid

Every workplace has that one person who sees fit to brighten everyone else’s day by sending around some ridiculous email with a powerpoint attachment that has images of dolphins, mountains in the mist, polar bears and cats hanging onto branches, all with some enormously uplifting comment for each enormously uplifting slide. Or if it’s not [...]

Working v.hard

I’ve discovered, as a constantly sleep-deprived parent and editor, that when you’re hunched over your desk, proofreading a technical document printed in a six-point font, eyes less than a foot from the page, head resting on hand, red pen clasped in the other… … no one can tell you’re asleep.