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Driving and sex: a natural transition

Now that I’m married and things are pretty much monogamous, the wife and I have lost any hangups we might otherwise have had about the other’s sexual history. It’s good when you can talk about such things openly and honestly and not get all uncomfortable about other people and your partner’s bits. So this morning, [...]

Aural ennui

It happens from time to time and it’s happenning again now. I’m bored with my current music collection. I don’t listen to the radio because it’s either all crap, or interspersed with crap but I was recently offered 10 track downloads by my phone company so I’m looking around and spending way too much time [...]


One of the great things about marriage is that it gives you the motivation to be constantly improving yourself. This is especially true for the male half of most marriages. Yes, that’s right. There is nothing like the constant nagging of a female companion to motivate one not to repeat the behaviours that led to [...]


Driving back from Victor yesterday, there was low-lying cloud and drizzly, misty weather. The colour in all the fields were muted and subtle and around every corner there was another dramatic, moody scene just waiting to be photographed. Number of photos I took: 0.

Riders in the storm

Twenty days in and it’s my first post for 2007. I don’t really want to go into why. So I won’t. Let’s just say it’s this deluge of shitty weather that’s changed my mood and acted as a catalyst for me to click again on the ‘Write Post’ link. But when I say shitty weather, [...]