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Is it just me?

I’ve written before about what I perceive to be a double standard in the workplace, vis à vis, the difference in the way sexist behaviour is treated dependent on the sex of the perpetrator. If you’ve read any of that, you’ll know that I hate that kind of crap going on in my workplace. I [...]

Old and creased

This Kevin Crease thing has me worried. I mean, if he croaks it, what will Channel nine do if they can’t find another 80-year-old, wrinkly dinosaur newsreader whose top lip stopped moving 30 years ago? Save a hellofalot on concealer, I guess.

Short hair

I had my hair cut today. I visit a barber shop in the city every six to eight weeks. There are two older Italian guys that work there. They’re real barbers; not poncy hairdressers with modern mullets, loud, open-necked shirts and way too much product. They don’t wear jewellery or excessive amounts of cologne. They [...]

Bus happens

There was drama aplenty in the CBD this arvo as a rather agro man stood in front of a bus, preventing it from leaving. This guy was clearly agitated and, from what I heard, didn’t want to move till the police came to take him away, which they eventually did. His t-shirt said it all. [...]

Little things

This is my first attempt at blogging from my phone. Wow. The reason I’m doing this is to take my mind off how angry I am at the world.
It’s the little things getting to me again. Things like: a) I forgot my swipe card again today, after reminding myself not to. b) I forgot my [...]