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Just managed to import the archive of my blogger stuff to WP using this little plugin. Very happy, if only because my archive list now looks so much more impressive. I could have imported the comments too but that would have cost US$12. Feel free to look back through and comment on anything that takes [...]

Setting the ball rolling

The wife and I have decided that living in the UK for a year or two might be a good idea. Because… y’know, the whole living once thing. It may prove difficult and impractical. It may take us away from loved ones and it may mean compromising on job security. There are a thousand reasons [...]

Thou shalt have the body

Not that I want to get overly political but I just thought I’d provide a link to a Lingua Franca podcast I listened to a while ago regarding Habeas Corpus (html link. RSS feed here). Of course, the term has been in the news a lot and given recent events concerning Australian Gitmo detainee, DH, [...]

Performance anxiety

I used to be quite the entertainer. I grew up in both a family that was fairly musical and a community that had a lot of amateur theatre groups. I guess it was inevitable that I would get caught up in it all. I started my life in music as a drummer. Our music teacher [...]

Glaring omission

So we’re watching that Two Weeks Notice with Hugh and Sandy. It’s annoying, sure. But not nearly as annoying as the fact they left the apostrophe out of the title.

What’s with people?

So, this morning I ran into the girl that popped my cherry, so to speak. Or I didn’t run into her, to be more precise. I remember running into her a few years ago. We stopped and chatted, as civilised people tend to. Or tended to. Past tense. Today, I was at a set of [...]

On why I’m a bad writer

I was recently given a small, leather-bound, A5 notebook. I guess it’s for writing in. It was a birthday present from a good friend, who bought it in Sweden. It’s rather minimal: black leather, small embossed logo and lined pages within. It’s schmick, classy and (and here’s the problem) beautiful in its untouchedness. So I [...]

Tiny stories

C has been good enough to get out of the house a couple of times this w/end so I can read lots of little stories. I’ve read about 15 so far (a dozen or so yesterday and, well, I’m supposed to be doing more now but I needed a coffee and got distracted by my [...]

Fictional idol

So, I don’t quite know what I was thinking but at a party a few months ago, a former lecturer/friend of mine asked if I’d be interested in being on the judging panel of a short story competition. “Cool,” I thought. I like to read and this would be a good chance for me to [...]

Impossible, princess…

C & I usually snuggle on the couch of a Sunday night and watch our fave show on DVD. Actually, we do that most nights. Tonight, there’s a Kylie concert on Auntie. Now, bless her, but Kylie never was much of a great singer. She holds a tune and has an OK range but if [...]