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Away etc, III

The kids slept last night but only because we made then run up and down the beach, commando-style yesterday. It’s been cramped but seeing the sea and sky change with each passing cloud band has been bliss. I must post some photos.

Away for the weekend II

Everyone’s kids took it in turns to wake up and scream last night. Our Little Miss M took the 3-5 slot, refusing to sleep in her cot then thinking it was playtime when we brought her in our bed. I had only 2 beers last night but woke up with a complete fuck of a [...]

Away for the weekend

We’re at Carrickalinga this in a big beach house with FOUR OTHER COUPLES AND THEIR KIDS! Now I don’t mind having the odd party with C’s friends but waking up with them is stretching the friendship a tad. I said I was going to bed but I’m really just hiding downstairs watching SBS. Think there [...]

Sorry. I still don’t get it

I was up well before dawn on Anzac day. Though that has more to do with being a parent of small children than it does with any kind of duty on my part to observe the significance of our public holidays. (I wrote about a similar occasion here.) We did have the TV on for [...]

Falling over

As part of a big cleanup at home, I’m going through my old video cassettes and transferring anything I want to keep to DVD. It’s time consuming and therefore pretty slow going but it’s not entirely unpleasurable, as it means I get to watch a lot of stuff I obviously taped in the first place [...]

I must be busy

I’m so in to my work, that I’ve made myself three warm beverages at various stages today but not finished any of them, merely discovered them half an hour or so after their creation, tepid and stale.

Politically incorrect for a worthy cause

In PE class in high school, we used to chase Ken, the token fat kid, around the oval just to make sure he got some exercise. And to make fun of him. I think the only way to beat this obesity epidemic is to make fat people fair game once again. For their own good, [...]

Accept file?

I had an idea a while ago, that it would be great fun that whenever you’re in a crowded place, to take a photo of the general scene with your cameraphone, then see who’s in bluetooth range and just try sending it to people and see if they accept. I tried it the other night [...]

Going up

Just when you think you have a free weekend, it’s a little startling to wake up on a Saturday, after a Friday night of over-indulgence, to be woken up way too early by screaming kids and then being told that today’s the day you had organised to get all your stuff out of storage. Lugging [...]

Three of what you don’t need

I’d like the ACCC to look into the Dick Smith, Tandy duopoly of retail electronics. I wanted to buy a T6 torx screwdriver today (after waking up and thinking ‘Gee, this is the perfect day to buy a T6 torx screwdriver!’) so hit the CBD at lunchtime. First stop was DSE, downstairs in the Myer [...]