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I did it

Do you tell the truth? I was having lunch with a friend yesterday, who is looking for a job. She mentioned a three-month contract that would be a good temporary measure. It could turn into permanent so I told her to tell them she was interested in permanent, then just change her mind when the [...]

Potentially toxic fungus, anyone?

There was a story on the radio the other day about mushrooms. This was rather timely and of particular interest to us as we seem to have a few patches of them growing around the yard. There’s a patch out the front that is producing some freaking huge specimens. Forget your Swiss Browns, these babies [...]

Insert disc. Cook at 180° for 90 mins.

Can I just ask people what they’re using to author their home-made DVDs? I have all my VCR tapes out of storage and I’m transferring the irreplaceable stuff onto DVD, with mixed success. I started with Power Producer Gold, which I think I prefer using. You seem to able to compress more onto a single [...]

Vanilla slice

It was about this time last week that I realised I might be coming down with something. Sure enough, I came down with a headcold. Just in time for the weekend too. How nice. And while the sicky part of it went away just in time for work on Monday morning, I’ve been left with [...]

What weather?

You would think the Bureau of Meteorology would have RSS feeds for all their regularly updated metro forecasts… Wouldn’t you…


I had ankle surgery in December 2005. It doesn’t seem like that long ago though. It seems like maybe 6 months ago but no, it’s actually 17 months today. I was in pain for a long time before the surgery and then in pain for a long time after the surgery. It just didn’t want [...]

X, Y and Are you kidding?

I’m part of Generation X. I’ve even read the book. Douglas Coupland, in writing the book, coined the expression that defined us as a generation. It was a very imaginitive journalist/social commentator that coined the label ‘Generation Y’. A few days ago, I first heard mention of ‘Generation Z’. Sorry, who’s writing this?

Thanks, Johnny!

The budget has been handed down and it looks like I could save the princely sum of $14 on my weekly tax bill! How generous. That might cover about half the difference of what I was paying for petrol two years ago.

He ain’t heavy

I had lunch with my brother today. It was his birthday on Sunday and I forgot to call him on the day. I sent him an SMS at about 11 pm but I don’t think that counts. So, I thought the decent thing to do would be to take him out and let him pay [...]

Phone name

A while ago, I said how I was having fun trying to take pictures with my phone and send them via bluetooth to anyone within range. I’ve made a list of some of the more interesting phone names as I’ve scanned for victims. Here’s a selection: Crack Whore I love Tommy (fans of The Who??) [...]