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Don’t call me (again)

So the backup phone seems to be dead, or very near death. It turned off and just won’t turn on again, at least not for any length of time. I turn it on and occasionally get the white screen of death, sometimes I get as far as entering my SIM password but never much further [...]


There has been much confusion, albeit in my mind only, about whether the solstice occurs on the 21st of the 22nd of June. I had always believed it occurred on the 21st but this morning on the radio they were saying today was the shortest day. (I expect you’ll all observe the occasion by dancing [...]

OK. You can call now.

We were in the main shed at the Farmers Markets between 12 and 12.30 when I had the first inkling that maybe I didn’t know where my phone was. I usually have it with me, either in a jacket pocket or, on this particular day, in my manbag (so practical… and not in any way [...]

Don’t call me

I lost my phone on the weekend. I love my phone. I’m not really coping. In fact, I’m still to cut up about it to share right now… too many fantasies involving the guy who picked it up and a cricket bat for me to focus on story telling.

Well travelled

Why don’t people take me seriously? A colleague came into our area to ask an English colleague if it would take long to get from Kensington Palace to St. John’s Wood. Of course she asked the English staff member. She should know, right? Anyway, she ummed and aahhed and I thought ‘I’ve been to Abbey [...]

Taking a break

C & I have left the kids at home with my folks and have booked a room at the Plaza in Glenelg. We’re not there yet, mind. Part of any good break involves standing around in a girly fashion store for an hour while she tries stuff on.

Tiny laff

I know the joke has been made many many times, about how some words end in -ough and have different pronunciations. In fact, I think I read somewhere that the word duff is derivative of the word dough. Or was it the other way around? That aside, for some reason I seem to be gaining [...]


While I’m not completely ignorant to the goings-on of some personalities as reported in the tabloid press, can someone tell me, because I actually have no idea… Who’s Lindsay Lohan?