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A goal… wow… how exciting

Growing up, I played a lot of competitive sport. When I got a bit of coordination about me, sometime in early high school, I took up Australian Rules football, then moved on to volleyball quite early and gave footy the flick before I turned 16. For a while I was a bad sportsman (which I [...]

The ABC of Advertising

I happened to be in the car at around 6.45 this morning and the radio was tuned to ABC local (891). The hosts were talking with a representative of a leading telco regarding mobile phone reception, specifically in the Adelaide Hills area. He was explaining that the CDMA network was being phased out soon and [...]


As I walk through the city, as I am now, I like to look up at the windows of the big hotels just in case there are naked people there. Tell me you don’t.


You’ve dragged yourself out of bed, half woken up in the shower, ironed and thrown some clothes on with sleepy eyes and trudged into the kitchen to get toast on for the kids. Then that first sip of that first cup of tea of the day… Wow.

Bloodletting will kill you!

I’ve had  Pepys’ Diary on RSS feed for a while now. I’d often tried to access this text in book form, I once tried to start reading it on the date the diary starts to keep in sync with it, but could never really discipline myself to read it every day. So I think a [...]


Phillip Adams, in his column in The Weekend Australian Magazine on Saturday, used the expression ‘comprised of’. And I thought he was so intellectual.


I seem to have been doing a bit of bloggy stuff recently but haven’t been producing any actual content. I’ve rejigged the template so I’m now widget-ready. (I actually went back and re-designed the standard template but realised I could have just copied the new WP2.2 sidebar.php into the old template to accomplish this. I [...]

Nice duds

I’m on the train and there are two guys opposite me wearing near-identical corduroy jackets. One of the guys looks slightly embarrassed. The other is blind.


I took a couple of photos I rather like this week. Here and here.


I think it worth noting that such is my experience and skill at being a parent, when my youngest choked on her vita-brit this morning and threw up as I held her, I got no vomit on my clean, pressed work clothes.