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It’s satire, geddit?

Back in 2003, there was a furore in the US, after Vanity Fair Magazine posted an article titled “Ask Dame Edna“. It contained fictional questions and the character’s answers to them. One question asked “Should I learn” Spanish?”. The Dame’s answer was “Don’t bother, why would you want to have a conversation with the help?” [...]

Ask Jeeves

I just found out from Bruce’s blog that Stephen Fry has started a blog. At first, I was a bit dubious. I’d never really come across any actual famous people’s blogs before and I wasn’t convinced it was him until I scrolled down and saw that he’d posted a picture of himself and placed his [...]

Ich bin ein bin

One of the downsides to being a once-growing lad, is the assumption by all and sundry that just because you are a man with a healthy appetite, you’ll eat anything. I guess I’m not completely innocent as far as creating this assumption goes. I do remember sitting in the high school cafeteria one day at [...]

Just noticeable difference

I guess it’s an important part of advertising, and perhaps life in general, to be the best at something. Product A may be the best because it removes more dirt from dirty clothes than product B (assuming we’re talking washing powder). But what if product C does a job that’s 95% as good as A [...]

Express to Goodwood

Sure enough, the one time the 17:00 Belair train is actually running on time… I’m not.


I’m a little bored